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            人教新目標版七年級下冊Unit6 I'm watching TV.單元練習含聽力mp3
            26. Mr. Green reads n                 every morning. So he always knows the latest(最新的) news.
            27. Mom will cook chicken s                 for us tomorrow morning.
            28. Peter usually w                 his clothes on weekends.
            29. You've d                 so much wine. You mustn't drive.
            30. If you want to go shopping, you can go to the s                .
            31. They live on the o                 side of street. Our house is across from theirs.
            32. Today is May 31, tomorrow will be C                 Day.
            33. The food is very d                . I like it.
            34. Betty is only four years old. She is y                . She can't go to school.
            35. --- Let's go to the movies this evening.
            --- Sorry, I am too busy. But we can go t                 evening.
            36. We need more                 (飲料) and snacks. Could you buy some?
            37. He is                 (正好)13 years old.
            38. The trees can stop the flood from                 (wash) the earth away.
            39. You can't use the swimming                 (水池) today.
            40. Look! Some                 (孩子們) are flying kites.
            41. Don't be angry(生氣的) with him. He is                 (仍然) a child.
            42. Who won the 100-metre                 (賽跑)?
            43. You can get lots of things you need in                  (超市).
            44. He                 (使用) a lift to go up and down every day.
            45. What are they doing at the                 (游泳池)?
            46. 學生們正在制定去蘇州玩的計劃.
            The students are                                   to go to Suzhou.
            47. 在雨天里你在做什么?
                             are you                  in the                  weather?
            48. 比爾應該邀請朋友到家里吃飯,而不是到外面吃。
            Bill should invite his friends to have dinner at home                                                    out.
            49. Mr. and Mrs. Read (正在喝飲料)                .
            50. --- 你在使用電腦嗎?
            --- 是的,我在用。/ 不,我沒有。
            ---                  you                  the computer?
            ---                 , I am. / No, I'm                 .

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